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Co-Founder, Centurions

Mitch brings a depth of knowledge and industry contacts to the Centurions, which he helped to co-found in 2009. In fact, Mitch knows just about everyone and his address book proves it!

Most recently, Mitch reigned supreme as Managing Director and Vice President of Yahoo! Mobile in Europe where he built a mobile business from scratch and significantly grew the Yahoo! mobile audience in four short years. In his role, he signed the company's first-ever mobile search deal and launched the company's first-ever mobile ad deal with an operator. He quickly grew the distribution of Yahoo!'s search and ad business in Europe to more than 35 operators and mobile phone manufacturers.

Mitch doesn't look old enough, but before Yahoo!, he spent more than 12 years at Time Warner. As VP of Wireless and Emerging Technology at Turner Broadcasting System and America Online he spearheaded strategy and mobile distribution efforts globally. Mitch was also one of the founders of in 1995 and an early pioneer in digital media. He launched CNN mobile in 1999 and partnered with more than 250 mobile operators worldwide to deliver CNN on mobile devices. Two years later, he took Cartoon Network mobile with games and live TV.

On the Centurions, Mitch has this to say:

"We aimed to create a relaxed, fun and socially engaging environment where industry execs from across medias could connect and informally talk about the news of the day. It has grown from strength to strength and has become the signal event everyone wants to attend to catch up with friends and meet new people from around the mobile, Internet, TV, music, magazine and advertising worlds. What I have enjoyed most is the global nature of the event with media executives now joining us from the U.S, Asia and across Europe. Centurions has really become a pivot point for media professionals to stay connected on a regular basis".

Things you might not know about Mitch include:

  • He was a television and radio journalist and worked in South Korea for the Korean Broadcasting System and in Atlanta for CNN.
  • He lived in Israel for a short stint.
  • Mitch grew up in Miami and he's lived in London for 11 years.
  • He's skied off a mountain and hang-glided down without killing himself.
  • Flew in a hot air balloon over the Austrian Alps and the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt.
  • Trekked extensively in Asia. His favorite country is Vietnam.

You can connect with Mitch at